Happiness and Well-Being

Happiness and Well-Being

Author: Rajendra M. Chakrabarti

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781684660445

Page: 362

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necessary for a person to be 'equipped with external goods, not for some chance ... The external goods are necessary for happiness throughout one's life; ...

The book seeks to answer the following main questions: What is meant by happiness? What are the sources of happiness? What is meant by the well-being of man? What is the end in human life? When can we say that a man is successful in life? How can he be happy and successful? It is argued that happiness is not pleasure; it does not come through high income and consumption; beyond certain levels income and consumption cause dissatisfaction, unhappiness and alienation. The book upholds the Aristotelian view that happiness means living well – living a life of excellence. It discusses how moral judgment and habituation help the development of good life. It analyses paths of spiritual liberation, the highest state of human happiness. It also argues for a liberal state where people enjoy different negative and positive freedoms making possible flourishing of human diversities

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