The April Fool's Apprentice: The Scavenger's Scheme

The April Fool's Apprentice: The Scavenger's Scheme

Author: Tiffany Lim

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9789814794992

Page: 177

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“However, before I answer any of them, do you still remember the Fool's Challenge?” “Uh huh,” Hannah nodded. “You told me about it during the Summer Revelry.” Centuries ago, Avril had offered to complete difficult tasks in exchange for ...

Welcome to Avril’s Emporium, the greatest store on Earth and a cabinet of curiosities that just happens to be a portal between the human world and spirit realm. When Avril, the Emporium’s whimsical shopkeeper, identifies himself as the Spirit of April Fool’s Day, he selects Hannah as his first human Apprentice. Hannah takes her first big step as the April Fool’s Apprentice by attending the Summer Revelry, a prestigious celebration held on the Summer Solstice in the Spirit Realm. However, when the Grim Reaper challenges her to a dangerous game, she stands to lose her Apprenticeship as well as her memories of the Emporium. In their newest adventure, Hannah and Avril must use their wits to beat the Grim Reaper at his own game. Together with their friends, Diya and Cupid, will our heroes succeed?

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