Cecilia's Magical Mission

Cecilia's Magical Mission

Author: Viola Canales

Publisher: Pinata Books

ISBN: 1558858776

Page: 248

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This entertaining novel for young adults about good and evil also explores the conflict between contemporary and traditional ways of life.

Everyone in fourteen-year-old Cecilia's Mexican-American community has a don"€"a special gift or talent. Her father, who's named after St. Anthony, helps people find things, or parts of themselves, that they've lost. Paco, the janitor in the building where she lives, can tell fortunes. Cecilia can't figure out hers, and she really needs to since her confirmation is coming up. The truth is, Cecilia doesn't really believe people have celestial gifts. Her opinion begins to change when she gets apprenticed to Dona Faustina, who has a magic way with coffee. Soon Cecilia realizes that her apprenticeship involves something more sinister than a mystical brew! And on a trip back to the special Mexican village of Santa Cecilia, she and her friends Julie and Lebna learn something about friendship, community and the powers of good and evil. Award-winning author Viola Canales returns with an appealing novel for teens that highlights a Mexican-American immigrant community and the conflict first-generation young adults experience caught between contemporary American life and their parents' traditional ways.

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